Stars Gymnastics operates year-round and offers a wide range of activities for ages 12 months (walking) to 18 years. We offer Gymnastics Classes, Tumbling, Birthday Parties, Parent's Night Out and Spring Break, Holiday & Summer Star Daze.

2018-2019 Stars Gymnastics Class Schedule

 Preschool Classes

Stars Gymnastics Preschool Classes are for those children 12 months to 5 years. Our classes are categorized by age; Mini Tykes-12 months to 3 years, Rising Stars- 3 year old, Shining Stars- 4 to 5 years. 

Mini Tykes is a Parent and child class that focuses on allowing the child to explore fundamental movement and beginning problem solving skills. This is a co-ed 45 min class. 

Rising Stars introduces beginning gymnastics concepts while allowing the child to develop better motor development, listening and problem solving skills. Children MUST be completely potty trained to enroll in this class. This is a co-ed 55 min class.

Shining Stars is gymnastic movement focused. Students are introduced to skills and body positions that are the foundation of gymnastics. This is a co-ed 55 min class.

 School Age Classes

Stars Gymnastics School Age Classes are separated by skill level and gender. All School age classes are for those children 6+ years.

Girls Level 1 is a 55 class to introduce girls to the foundation of gymnastics on each event and trampoline. Stretching and the importance of conditioning are covered in this class as well as basic gymnastics movements, body positions and terminology.

Girls Level 2 is the next step after the successful completion of Girls Level 1. This is a 55 min that builds on concepts previously taught and introduces drills and progressions on each of the events and trampoline.

Girls Level 3 is an 85 min class that brings students into more advanced skills in gymnastics on each event and trampoline. Mastery of skills taught through drills, progressions, strength, and flexibility training. Placement in this class is based on coach's recommendation after the completion of Girls Level 1 and 2 or after coach's evaluation.

Boys Level 1-2 is a 55 min class that introduces boys to the foundation of men's gymnastics. Boys will work on strength and coordination on events including parallel bars, mushroom and trampoline. Because of the likeness of the introductory status of Level 1 and 2, these levels are taught together.


Stars Gymnastics Tumbling Classes are for those athletes looking to focus primarily on the tumbling aspect. These tumbling classes are taught on the floor exercise, trampoline and tumble track. Just like our school age classes, the tumbling class is for those children 6+ years.

Beginning Tumbling is a  co-ed, 55 min class that introduces the foundation of tumbling through beginning drills and progressions. The skills taught in this class will be the "basics" to tumbling including cartwheels, kick overs, front and back walkovers and more

Intermediate Tumbling builds on those skills taught in the beginner class and will focus on flight elements. These flight skills include round-offs, front and back handsprings. This class is a co-ed 55 min class.

Advanced Tumbling is an 85 min co-ed class that will focus on achieving tumbling skills in succession while adding salto (flipping) skills; front and back flipping. Students must be able to do front and back handsprings unassisted and round-off back handsprings with minimal spot to enroll.

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Stars Class Policies

Dress Code:

  • All students must wear proper athletic attire for all classes. Girls-Leotards, Boys-T-shirt & athletic shorts
  • No bare stomachs, buttons, zippers, socks or jewelry
  • All students must have hair securely tied back in a ponytail, bun or braid.


  • Students MUST be accompanied by a coach on the floor at ALL times.
  • No Parents or spectators are allowed on the gym floor; inside the fenced or roped off area at any time!
  • Students who arrive more than 20 minutes late will not be allowed to join class.
  • Parents are expected to pick up their child on time. You will be charged a minimum of $15/hour if your child is left at the gym 15 minutes after class has dismissed.


  • All students are expected to listen and follow directions at all times during their class to ensure a positive experience for coaches and students. If a child chooses not to follow these expectations, uses foul language, engages in fighting, disrupts or is disrespectful to coaches or other students, the following will happen:
    • 1st offense: Verbal redirection/warning
    • 2nd offense: Time out from an activity
    • 3rd offense: Time out and counseling with parent
    • 4th offense: Dismissal from class

Make-Up Class:

  • For every class missed, one (1) make-up class can be scheduled
  • Call the front desk AFTER the class has been missed AND with-in 7 days days of the absence to schedule a make-up class.
  • Students must be currently enrolled.
  • Make-up classes are subject to availability.

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