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The Texas Amateur Athletic Federation is a nonprofit organization established in 1925 to promote, organize and conduct amateur athletics in the state of Texas.

The mission of the Texas Amateur Athletic Federation (TAAF) is to create and maintain in the State of Texas a permanent organization representative of amateur athletics and/or organizations, devoted thereto; to establish and maintain the highest ideals of amateur sports in the State of Texas; promote the development of physical education and to encourage the standardization of rules of all amateur athletics, games and competitions.

TAAF gymnastics follows all USAG rules and regulations and uses official USAG certified judges for all meets. The TAAF competition season is January to May.- see more at

Selected Stars Gymnastics athletes compete in TAAF sanctioned meets because they are a less intense competition setting than USAG. Many of the gymnasts that compete TAAF work out fewer hours than many of the USAG competitive gyms. Through the act of competition, the athletes are able to learn good sportsmanship and develop strong character. We generally compete in four to five meets in the competition season.


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